IEEE Estonia summer seminar 2017

Kava saavad parandada-muuta vaid korraldajad.

Please send you remarks and proposals to one or some of Vello, Peeter, Margus
NB! The program is VERY preliminary. Visit this page later this week to see actual state.

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      Saturday, 19.08.2017    
12:00       Lunch in Physicum    
13:00       Visit to Physicum    
14:00       Visit to Keemikum    
15:00       Travel to the city Center    
15:30   Margus Pedaste   IEEE Estonia Section    
15:50   Urmet Jänes   C-COM    
16:00   Toomas Parve   IM-ED-EMB 
16:10   Tõnu Trump   SP-CAS-SSC    
16:20   Marko Koort   IA-PE-RA    
16:30       Coffee break    
16:45   Andrii Chub   New PELS-IES Chapter    
17:00   Aleksei Tepljakov   Industrial and Educational Applications of Virtual Reality    
17:20   Leo Mõtus   New Commttee: Cognitive Situation Management    
17:45   Margus Pedaste   Visit Vana Anatoomikum    
19:00       Dinner in Aparaat    
      Sunday, 20.08.2017    
08:00       Breakfast    
09:00   Külli Kori, Margus Pedaste   Academic, Social and Professional Integration in Higher Education
Information Technology Studies to Predict Retention of Students  
09:30   Peeter Ellervee   IEEE Sections Congress    
10:05   .......   Presentation _   
10:30       Coffee break    
10:45   Reeno Reeder   Estonia Section: Money    
11:15   .......   .......    
11:45   .......   .......    
12:30       Lunch2 on Hektor Hostel    


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